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English Name : Waafir
Arabic Name : وافر
Meaning : Plentiful
English Name : Waafy
Arabic Name : وافي
Meaning : Sincere
English Name : Waahid
Arabic Name : واحد
Meaning : Single, Exclusively, Unequalled, One, without partner, unique, an attribute applied to Allah Almighty.
English Name : Waail
Arabic Name : وايل
Meaning : One Who Returns (For Shelter)
English Name : Waaizh
Arabic Name : واعذه
Meaning :
English Name : Waajid
Arabic Name : واجيد
Meaning : One whose wants are satisfied, wealthy, a lover or beloved.
English Name : Waali
Arabic Name : والي
Meaning : The Governor, He who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measure.
English Name : Waaqif
Arabic Name : واقف
Meaning : Acquainted, aware of, experienced, conversant with, knowing, learned, sensible.
English Name : Waarid
Arabic Name : واريد
Meaning : Coming, arriving, approaching, alighting, descending, happening, being present
English Name : Waarith
Arabic Name : وارث
Meaning : An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor, The Supreme inheritor.

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